I scheduled an MEL into flight craft earlier in the week and of course when the aircraft


arrived the crew wrote several extra squawks up on the aircraft.   I wanted to let you know


that everyone I dealt with in the last week via scheduling  (Brent Fraser) responded  back


very quickly. Also once the aircraft arrived the leads (Jon and Amanda)  communicated


updates and issue with parts and other events regularly and would call and give shift by


shift updates which was very helpful on our end.    When it came to the paperwork I was


dealing one of their inspectors ( Daniel Rackleff) and we had a few minor paperwork


issues.  He promptly corrected them and sent them to me and we were able to RTS the


aircraft early.    It was a relief to not have to hound someone for updates and corrections.   


I thought you should know I had outstanding service from this facility and would gladly


send more aircraft their way.   If you could pass this  information on to their higher ups I’d


appreciate it.